ncTakeOff Workshop Series: So You Wanna Start-up?

Posted Oct 27th, 2017

ncTakeOff Workshop Series: So You Wanna Start-up?

ncTakeOff’s first workshop series, So You Wanna Start-Up?, is aiming to teach Niagara College and Brock University students the practical skills that comes with either starting a start-up or just getting involve in start-ups in your community.

The first workshop, Why do Start-ups Hire Students, will be facilitated by Caddle Canada’s CMO Mick Higgins. From Shark Tank to hiring a team of new innovative individuals, Caddle is always looking to add the best to their team but also mentor up and coming young adults in the Niagara community. Mick will be talking about the benefits of working for a start-up and the professional and personal skills you will learn from the experience.

The second workshop, The “You” Business, will be facilitated by Jessica Potts, President of Inspired Strategy Group and instructor at Niagara College. Regardless of if you’re making the next big app, everyone can be entrepreneurial in their everyday life. Jessica will be focusing on how to harness your strengths and passions and package these into a brand that you can take around with you wherever you go. Selling a business is great but being able to sell yourself is even better!

The last workshop, How to Make a 3-D Resume, will be focused on the dreaded… resume. Who actually likes putting together a resume? The content can be pretty straight forward but making it eye-catching can be sometimes tricky. We will introduce a 3-step guide that will help define students in a competitive market and how to effectively portray their projects and skills. Worked with a start-up? Create a portfolio and website with screenshots and information so employers can see your innovative background! Your LinkedIn game lacking? Every attendee will get a new headshot to use!

I hope that these three workshops will help you with whatever stage you’re at in the entrepreneurial journey. May it be working on an app or just wanting to gain a new, unique skill set to help you be an innovative team member after school!

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