ncTakeOff Holds Our First Cannabis Panel Discussion

Posted Jan 26th, 2018

Last night, ncTakeOff had our first "Expert Panel" on the cannabis industry in the Niagara Region, inspired by the new commercial cannabis production at the college. Even before the federal government's announcement of the legalization of cannabis, the cannabis industry has been an ever-growing industry and we wanted to discuss on it will impact Niagara's economic and educational landscapes. 

Our wonderful panel brought out a crowd that completely filled Yerich auditorium. Panelists included Members of Parliament Chris Bittle, Jennifer Maccarone, Chief Quality Officer at Up Cannabis, Blake Landry of Niagara Economic Development, and Bill MacDonald, Coordinator of NC’s Commercial Cannabis Production program. As you can see, a very diverse panel, but their knowledge and expertise fueled a very productive dialogue. 

MP Bittle stated the panel discussion was another important step in discussions about how Cannabis legalization will impact Niagara and Canada. "The legalization process will provide opportunities but it will also provide challenges to the status quo. This is why it’s important that we continue to have community conversations like this to ensure we are best positioned to succeed economically, while also ensuring that public health goals are met in a meaningful way.”

Niagara College also has and will continue to support and meeting growing demands from businesses and will be able to create knowledgeable job candidates to work in the industry with their innovative applied learning models to meet evolving industry needs. In September 2018, the College will launch its Commercial Cannabis Production (CCP) Post-Graduate Certificate program – Canada’s first post-secondary credential in the production of commercial cannabis.

Jennifer Maccarone said that Up Cannabis is excited to a part of the Niagara community with their new facility in Lincoln. 

At ncTakeOff, we're excited to continue to support existing partnerships and to support students in their continued education in this industry. Innovation will be key in the Cannabis industry during the next year and we're excited to see where it goes. 

Due to the amazing responses we received from the Niagara College and broader Niagara community, we will be continuing to have events to further explore the future of the cannabis industry in Niagara. Stay tuned! 

*Thank you to Niagara College and School of Business, Hospitality, and Environment for all of your support! 


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