Entrepreneur Spotlight

@Intent_ is a campaign to spread the good word about emerging intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs who are leading meaningful, intentional change in their communities. 

                                                “Entrepreneurship is about creating change, not just creating companies.”- Mark Zuckerberg 

Complex social and environmental issues, such as major job deficits, have been plaguing communities like Niagara for years. In our region, the unemployment rate is among the highest in Ontario being 6.4% as of January 2017 (Niagara Region, 2017). The next generation of business owners and leaders in organizations are the backbone of the new economy and their entrepreneurial spirit needs to be cultivated and celebrated.

@Intent_ aims to share how these individuals are creating their own success and transforming their dreams into reality for a positive change for society. When they succeed – innovate, create opportunities, stimulate the economy – we all benefit.

   “I believe we are better off in a world where we are trading, networking, communicating, and sharing ideas. That also means that cultures are colliding and sometimes that’s disruptive and people get worried. You’re the bridge. You’re the glue.” - Mark Zuckerberg


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