Entrepreneur Spotlight

Mojo Hydro Therapy

Photos and story by Michelle Bruce 

Danielle Speck (pictured centre): Owner & Operator of Mojo Hydro Therapy

Danielle Speck (pictured centre): Owner & Operator of Mojo Hydro Therapy 

They say people with passion can make the impossible, possible.

Danielle Speck, owner and operator of Mojo Hydrotherapy is one of these people.

For starters she’s only twenty and owns her own business, where through countless hours of research she makes the most amazing smelling therapeutic bath bombs.  

Danielle came up with this idea after seeing her parents who deal with health problems use bath    bombs as a form of therapy.  
Realizing that her bath bombs could also alleviate stress and promote wellness and relaxation through the addition of various essential oils, Mojo took off!

Danielle is quick to point out that she has an amazing support system starting with her parents. They taught her not to see limitations and to use motivation instead.

Her father always told her that “if there’s a will there’s a way” and this is a motto that Danielle uses in her constant pursuit of new bath bombs to add to her line.

Pictured Above: All Natural Lemon Bath Bomb

Pictured Above: All Natural Lemon Bath Bomb

Mojo’s bath bombs contain all natural ingredients that in combination can be used to help with a series of ailments. Danielle incorporates lavender in some to combat insomnia while adding orange in others to help with depression.

She also found a way to keep it fun by adding bath bombs such as Purple Raspberry, Yellow Lemonade or Strawberry Daiquiri all still used to relax and awaken your senses.

What makes this business so unique is Danielle herself. Firstly, she gives 10% of her net sales to Pathstone Mental health, a nonprofit that helps strengthen the quality of life for children, youth and families who are dealing with mental health challenges.

People are quick to disregard today’s youth. We pin negative stereotypes to them almost daily. Let Danielle hit the reset button for how you see them.

She is a shining example of how hard working, inventive, and captivating they really can be and to the youth of today, look to her as an example of how far you too can reach.

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