A Quick Hello!

Posted Oct 1st, 2017 in Feature

A Quick Hello!

As a political science student, I never thought that I would get involved in anything entrepreneurship.

For a few reasons: Firstly, what did my classes have to do with being an entrepreneur? Secondly, would I even make a "good" entrepreneur? 

When I was introduced to the on-campus incubator, I was proven wrong. Very, wrong. I met groups of students from a wide array of disciplines that all had one thing in common: they had a problem that they were determined to solve. Sounds like fun, right? 

I joined my first start-up, a service that connected international students with reliable housing in their new community, and I was hooked. We worked endless hours that was rewarded with amazing connections in Niagara, mentors, and some cash from winning pitch competitions. When I was in the thick of things I almost forgot I was even a political science student!

In my third year, I founded my own start-up. I was able to work on it as a co-op work term and even got to connect the work I was doing to my classes! I learned so many applicable skills from being a student entrepreneur and even got my first real taste of failure. Which sucked, but was so worth it.  

 Why am I telling you all of this, you may ask? What does this have to do with my new position at NCTakeOff. Well, I wanted to let you all know that I get what it's like to have an idea that you're passionate about as a student. I get what it's like to take a risk and make that idea into a business. To all those ladies out there, I get how annoying it is when you may not be taken seriously at a networking event full of grown men with years of experience. 

As the Project Manager for NCTakeOff this school year, I am so excited to work with all of the Niagara College student entrepreneurs and idea-makers! Let's talk about failure. Let's talk about how we can be an entrepreneur but also entrepreneurial. Niagara College is the best place to be innovative so make sure you take advantage of it! 

That being said, wanna chat about how to leap into your own business? Or how to work on your own personal brand? Email me (mafuller@niagaracollege.ca) and let's get to work! 

Innovatively yours,

Madi Fuller 


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