What is entrepreneurship?

A mindset.

It’s an individual’s motivation and capacity, independently or within an organization, to identify an opportunity and to pursue it. It’s creative rather than passive; self-initiating rather than dependent; knowing how to learn, rather than expecting to be taught; and innovative in outlook.

A labour of love.

Entrepreneurs have a knack for identifying needs and applying creative solutions to meet them. They define their vision, then take off in the direction of their goals; problem-solving along every step of the bumpy, unfamiliar road.

What happens when enterprising people realize their dreams.

Anyone can become ‘enterprising’ by connecting their unique talents and skills with their passions to create new possibilities for themselves.

Are you an entrepreneur?

Do you see opportunities all around you? Are you motivated by challenges? Do you want to create your own job? Disrupt the status quo? If so, you may be a natural entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs see ways to connect resources and information together in new combinations. They see opportunities where most people only see challenges. They see systems as they are, as well as how they could be. They look at the ordinary and see the extraordinary. The flexibility of working for themselves excites them.

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